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A website totally dedicated to Srila Prabhupada
Our determination is to keep the website free of unrelated publicity.  In order to maintain this transcendental resource available to all, this site needs your support and what follows explains why and how you can be of service.
The staff
My name is Praghosa dasa and I am your webservant.   I have been initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1973, in Montreal.   After serving a couple of years in the Montreal Temple, I was requested to go to Andhra Pradesh, India, to help while the construction of the Hyderabad Temple was going on.  I stayed for sixteen months and came back to Montreal.  Then, I became grhasta and after another seven years,  took an outside job to support my family that had grown to four children.  In 2001, I started this website.  Along the way a few devotees helped with the creation of the test pages.  You can find their names in the scripts of the lectures when you click on the "take a test" links.
This website is totally dedicated to His Divine Grace and there are no salaries taken by anyone.
The costs
There are expenses to maintain a website that handles important amounts of data.  There is the equipment rental and also, throughout the year, due to necessary upgrades and ensuing adaptations, some operations must be handled by qualified and remunerated developers.
Nevertheless, most of the operations are done devotedly and many followers of His Divine Grace have been giving a hand in the same spirit for the collection of funds.   This has been going on ever since the website was created.   I cheerfully extend my deepest gratitude to all of them for the website would not be what it has become today without them.
How you can help also
There is a yearly collection drive that takes place in the month of November but donations are most welcome anytime during the year.  The names of the contributors are recorded in the credits page, at the start of December.
If you can afford it,  your support will be greatly appreciated and you can rest assured that all the proceeds will be offered at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.
Here is a secure Paypal link  that you can use to help the cause.
Please click on this link: Donation.