The Volturous And The Virtuous




  1. Match the following:


Write/Indicate correct match






Love of Godhead




One who is fallen from this devotional service




Very clean




Unclean, cobbler




They do not know that the human life is meant for qualifying oneself in Krsna consciousness


  1. State whether true or false:

i)         If one is fallen from devotional service, he is offered again the opportunity to take birth in the human society.

ii)       If one falls down from devotional service then he may have to take animal life.

iii)      If we take to Krsna consciousness, and we fall, then you lose all spiritual assets.

iv)     Living entity is meant for dying.

v)       If you go to Krsna, then you may have to come back to take material body and again go through birth, death, old age and disease.


  1. Fill in the blanks

a)       Real progress of life is to know what is ______ and what my relationship with Him is and how to ______ in that relationship.

b)       Saving means saving oneself from this repetition, ______.

c)       One should be ______ and without any ______, to approach God.

d)       Devotional service is a process and it takes some ______ to become perfect.

e)       Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu preached that ______, is the only necessity to understand in human form of life.


  1. Check all that applies:

What quality(ies) in a devotee has been emphasized in this lecture?

a)       To understand God, understand our relationship and act in that relationship.

b)       Prays to God “God, give me this benediction. Give me this benediction."

c)       Should be clean and pious.

d)       Should approach God without motive.

e)       Chant Hare Krsna, be purified -- immediately one becomes free from this material bondage and begins one’s loving service to Krsna.


  1. Check all that applies:

What quality(ies) in a preacher has been emphasized in this lecture?

a)       Take to Krsna consciousness and try to introduce it very nicely, and even though we fall, there is no loss. The human life is guaranteed and in very good family.

b)      To follow Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu and try to educate others in God Consciousness.


  1. Check all that applies:

What is “Krsna Consciousness” is as described in this lecture?

a)       To save oneself from death.

b)       To deliver the fallen souls from the clutches of maya and take them back to home, back to Godhead.

c)       Prepare oneself for eternal life with God and not to one with material body.



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