Atma And Super-atma




  1. State whether true or false:

i)         Material world is temporary, and the eternity is spiritual.

ii)       Spiritual element is utilizing material elements.

iii)      God is not a person like you and me.

iv)     God expands, this implies that God modifies Himself or changes


  1. Fill in the blanks

a)       Material elements, are earth, water, fire, air, sky, mind, ether, ego and ______.

b)       Material world is temporary, and the spirit is ______.

c)       Just like there are many big businessman. The man is person, but he is conducting hundreds of factories, big, big area. The factories are ______ important than the man.

d)       As soon as you come to the ______, is the origin of pain.

e)       This body is just like a ______ for the material soul.


  1. Check all that applies:

What can a devotee learn from this lecture?

a)       Not to miss this rare human birth to understand God and our relationship with God.

b)       Understand that God the person is more important than His expansions.




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