Know And Do What Krishna Wants

1.       Match the following Sanskrit words/phrases to their English equivalents:


Indicate the correct match



Attached to family life


Seer of truth


Water pot




1/6th portion of an atom




2.       Fill in the blanks:

a.       The purpose of human life is to ______ and _____ the Supreme Lord.

b.      One who is completely attached to his ____ cannot place his mind on ______.  

c.       Our only duty is to _______ to ______.

d.      In human form of life, _______ of law is not an excuse from being punished.

3.       True or False:

a.       The main purpose of visiting a holy place is to take a dip in the holy waters and sanctify oneself.

b.      One can be ultimately happy in this material world by accumulating wealth, getting a beautiful wife, possessing power and good progeny.

c.       Taking up renounced order of life or sannyasa means giving up fruitive activities and engaging in philosophical study or meditation in seclusion.

d.      If one is destined to suffer, no amount of material adjustment can change that.

e.      Srila Prabhupada defines Krishna consciousness as, knowing what Krishna wants and doing it.

4.       According to Srila Prabhupada, what is/are the reason(s) for one being awarded different bodies in different species of life?

a.       It is based on the theory of evolution as propounded by Charles Darwin.

b.      It is based on the living entity’s association with the modes of nature.

c.       It is based on random selection.

5.       What can a devotee learn from this conversation? 

a.        The topics of Lord Krishna (krishna katha) must be discussed in the association of devotees.

b.      In order to understand the science of devotional service, one must take the shelter of a guru.

c.       Since human life is very rarely obtained, one should therefore use this opportunity to gratify one’s senses as well as balance them by performing some devotional service.  


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